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Postdoc-fellowship to perform research on experimental colloid physics


The fellowship serves to financially support the continued university education in the field of experimental colloid physics and at the boundary to granular physics, namely the investigation of the effects of mechanical forces and deformations (shear) on the structure and dynamics of (large) colloidal particles using microscopy and scattering methods as well as their combination. This project is conducted in collaboration with the group of Prof. George Petekidis (Crete).


Applicants must have finished their PhD work and have obtained or soon obtain their PhD degree in Physics. Significant experience with colloidal and ideally also with granular systems is required, including their preparation and the application of mechanical forces or deformations. Furthermore, a very solid understanding and considerable expertise in imaging methods (including quantitative image analysis) and especially differential dynamic microscopy (including quantitative analysis) is required.

Start and duration:

Start on 1 January 2022 (or as soon as possible thereafter) for four months. To accommodate the requirements of the project, especially the collaboration with the group of Prof. Petekidis, the four months may be split into two periods which should, however, not extend beyond a total period of a year.

Deadline and form for application:

Deadline on 29 November 2021. Please, direct your application per Email (subject: ‘Postdoc-fellowship: Colloid Physics’) to Prof. Egelhaaf (Stefan.Egelhaaf(at)hhu.de) with all documents attached as pdf file(s).

Required documents:

Short CV with a list of presentations and publications, scanned copies of all degree certificates and grade sheets, a brief summary of the PhD project (less than 1/2 page), a brief summary of the scientific expertise and experimental techniques used (less than a page), a brief motivation letter (less than 1/2 page).

If the language of the degree certificate(s) and grade sheet(s) is not English or German, please, also provide table(s) in English or German summarizing the courses taken and the corresponding marks.

Criteria for awarding a fellowship:

Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in physics, PhD work in the area of colloid and/or granular physics.

Excellent and broad knowledge and understanding of physics, knowledge in colloid and/or granular matter physics as well as statistical physics. Very good experimental skills and considerable experience in experimental colloid and granular physics. Expertise in sample preparation, application of mechanical forces and deformations (rheology), conventional and confocal microscopy, differential dynamic microscopy and the quantitative analysis of microscopy images and differential dynamic microscopy data.

Advanced computer skills (e.g. Matlab, Labview).

Good communication skills in English (written and spoken).

Selection process:

Through the 'Stipendienkommission der Math.-Nat. Fakultät (MNF) der HHU Düsseldorf'.

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